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A competitive advantage for pharmaceutical manufacturers

Nationally Recognized
A nationally recognized Business Solutions Partner, DesignRx® offers unique services to meet manufacturer and pharmacy (Retail and Specialty) business challenges. DesignRx® customizes programs based on product performance, resolving challenges at the point of sale.

Company History
Founded in 2004, DesignRx® proved the principles of Managed Cash® effective in the fertility market place. DesignRx® helped grow both volume and market share of formulary products for its manufacturing partner. Within the first year, DesignRx® more than doubled the cash market share for formulary products, and has maintained that high level of production over the past five years. Today, DesignRx® is the nation’s largest cash fertility program, accounting for a significant majority of cash-pay patients as members.

The Managed Cash® Program offered by DesignRx® produces results for all parties involved in the manufacturing, distribution, and use of pharmaceutical products and services. The Program applies "managed care" principles of formulary control for pharmaceutical products and services.

Used proactively as part of the Managed Cash® Program, these principles provide manufacturers with a means of reaching the business objectives of market expansion and market share growth.

Powerful New Programs
Beyond the Managed Cash® Program, DesignRx® has many programs which assist manufacturers in both the cash and the funded books of business. These programs can be implemented with pharmacy networks as broad as 65,000 retail stores, or as targeted as specific specialty pharmacy locations.

DesignRx® programs include:

  • Third Party Strategies
  • Coupon Programs
  • Co-pay Offset Programs
  • Prescription Data Services
  • Generics Programs
  • Direct to Consumer Programs
  • Patient Education Services

Third Party Strategies
In today’s pharmaceutical markets, simply achieving a favorable formulary position may not always produce the results necessary to reach manufacturer’s business objectives. In some areas second tier formulary placement is no longer considered worth the "managed care" asking price. Many feel that the value of a "second tier" product placement is declining due to generics first policies, step therapies, and the requirements for evidence based data.

Now, perhaps more than ever, there is a need to improve the return on a manufacturer’s "managed spend". DesignRx® customized programs help maximize the value of dollars spent in the funded book of business.

Services Available to assist in the Funded Business:

  • Coupon Programs
  • Co-Pay Offset Programs
  • Direct Contracting Programs
  • Unique Pharmacy Contracting
  • Unique Adjudication Programs
  • DTC Programs
  • Patient Education Programs

Prescription Data Services
When it comes to creating and managing data reports, DesignRx® has the flexibility necessary to meet the requirements of virtually any manufacturer’s program. DesignRx® is one of the few third party administrators to operate its own claims processing system and boasts over 35 years of adjudication experience. As such, DesignRx® has the ability to place edits on any number of fields in order to produce targeted reports to support a product’s plan of action.

To produce truly meaningful reports, DesignRx® can place edits on fields that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Service Area/Patient Location
  • Pharmacy Location
  • Primary Payer (CoB)
  • Primary Co-pay Dollar Amount
  • NRxes
  • Refills and Refill Limits
  • Time Limits
  • Rx Quantity
  • Refill Rx Quantity
  • Email
  • Physician Name or Physician Information

Managed Cash® Programs
DesignRx® is far more than the cash cards typically available to pharmaceutical manufacturers. The Managed Cash Program drives volume and share for manufacturers, leverages pharmacy abilities to intervene and promote formulary products, and helps patients receive the full value of intended pharmaceutical therapies.

Key factors in the DesignRx® Managed Cash® Program include:

  • Typical Savings of 15% - 25%
  • Free Enrollment
  • Point of Sale Enrollment (95%)
  • Online Self Enrollment (5%)
  • Free Access to DesignRx® Education Suite
  • Free Participation in DesignRx® Patient Forums
  • Services Available Through Specialty or Retail Pharmacies

Education Programs
The DesignRx® Education Suite can meet the needs of any patient in any therapeutic category. The DesignRx® Education program features the on-line Education Suite and Medication Center, and the DesignRx Health-E Newsletter.

DesignRx® Health-E Newsletter
Each registered DesignRx® member can opt-in to receiving the DesignRx® Health-E Newsletter. Newsletters are co-branded with DesignRx® and formatted to contain education and marketing materials consistent with a manufacturer’s POA. Currently over 60,000 newsletters are sent bi-monthly and have an opt-out rate of less than 1%. This extremely high retention rate allows manufacturers and pharmacies to stay in greater contact with patients.

DesignRx® Newsletters can include banner ads, product videos, surveys, coupons, special announcements, and other manufacturer approved materials.

Educational Suite and Medication Center
Included in the DesignRx® Education Program are the Education Suite, Medication Center, and DesignRx® Patient Forums, each of which can be easily accessed on the DesignRx® website.

  • The Education Suite is complete with over 5,000 URAC accredited medical topics, with hundreds of peer-reviewed articles, tests, and procedures.
  • The Medication Center is loaded with interactive tools, product information, administration training videos, and thousands of illustrations.
  • The the DesignRx® Patient Forums give patients the opportunity to seek support in dealing with a variety of medical conditions.

Key features of Newsletters and Education Suite:

  • Fully customizable for manufacturers, pharmacies, patients, and providers
  • Free to registered members of the DesignRx® program
  • Contains articles from HealthDay, the nation’s premier online source
  • Meets all CAN-SPAM Act requirements
  • Fully Managed by HealthBanks
  • Updated Quarterly

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